Construction of a gambling zone in the Crimea will cost 3 billion rubles

Construction of a gambling zone in the Crimea will cost 3 billion rubles

Crimean authorities have approved plans to build a gambling zone on the peninsula. The investment council has approved the project worth 3 billion roubles. This was reported to journalists by Dmitry Kudryavtsev, a public representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the region in the direction of “New Business”.

He specified that the five-star hotel with a casino is planned to erect by 2024. For the construction of the entertainment complex is allocated a little less than 15 hectares on the territory of Katsiveli village. According to the authorities the project will pay off in 8 years.

According to Kudryavtsev, the authorities have already found an investor and the documents will be signed by the end of 2019. The name of the company is kept secret to insure its owners from being put on the sanctions list. However, it is reported that the contractor had already worked in Crimea and was involved in the reconstruction of buildings.

The fact that the gambling complex will be located in the village of Katsiveli became known several months ago. Before that the head of the region Sergey Aksenov said that the casino will be built by 2022. At that time, the total investment was estimated at 8 billion rubles.

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