Champion online casino is giving away 100,000 rubles live on YouTube streaming

Champion online casino is giving away 100,000 rubles live on YouTube streaming

The famous Champion online casino has officially announced the extension of its sensational promotion under the high-profile name “Manage the Streamer”. Within its framework, the viewers of the YouTube-blogger Lucky Sweet’s streaming will have a chance to manage the hero of the broadcast and earn the main prize – 100 000 rubles in real money to the account.

The final stage of the drawing will be broadcasted live on YouTube. Beginning – October 29 at 19:00 Moscow time. In the spotlight will be popular in gambling circles blogger Lucky Sweet, who is known for his love of various online casinos and the occasional big win at the slots.

The final stream will feature five finalists who have successfully passed the qualifying round. As part of the promotion, each of them will receive 10,000 rubles. This money will have to be used at the online casino in order to win more than the other competitors.

The participant who will record the largest bankroll at the end of the session for the allotted 10 minutes will win. That’s the person who will win the top prize of 100,000 rubles, which will be deposited on his/her personal account on Champion Casino


The highlight of this promotion is added by the fact that during the 10 minutes allocated to the finalists for the game, they can personally supervise the actions of the Lucky Sweet streamer: choose the right slots, betting amounts and distribute the pot. Earlier this type of interaction with the audience received a lot of positive feedback, so the organizers of the “Manage Streamer” campaign decided to expand its functionality and give the opportunity to win a large sum of money even to the user who is far from the sphere of gambling entertainment.

In between games participants Lucky Sweet organizes a drawing of money among viewers of the live broadcast, who will show the greatest activity in the chat.

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