Chairman of KRAIL told about the peculiarities of opening a casino in Ukraine

Chairman of KRAIL told about the peculiarities of opening a casino in Ukraine

Chairman of the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (GRAIL) Ivan Rudy revealed the next nuances of legalization of gambling business in the country. The functionary also described the target audience of the gambling industry and the benefits of this reform for Ukrainians.

Thus, according to the expert, the gambling market will allow Ukraine to reach a qualitatively new level. Ivan Rudy argues that gambling is primarily a “bait for tourists.”

“This industry is aimed at wealthy people who spend their money in a certain way. I want to assure that casinos are not built so that ordinary Ukrainians would direct their salaries to gambling entertainment. On the contrary, each gambling establishment in a luxury hotel, which is located away from schools and other educational institutions, creates about 150 jobs,” said the chairman of KRAIL.

The functionary went on to say that the closure of the gambling business at the legislative level has forced a large number of Ukrainians to go abroad to work. According to him, millions of people left for Georgia, Cyprus, Africa, and Europe, where they are still working and benefiting those states.

“Now people have an opportunity to return, to send taxes from their salaries not to the English lord, but to our budget. If we’re talking about arcades, they will be located at least 500 meters from a school, kindergarten or music academy. So you don’t have to worry about children walking by and looking at all this bacchanalia that you may be imagining,” Rudy added.

The head of the gambling regulator once again pointed out that all operators interested in obtaining a Ukrainian license sign up to all the rules of the law and undertake to comply with the established requirements. This will allow gambling activities as honestly as possible, transparently and in compliance with all norms in ensuring the rights of Ukrainian citizens, Ivan Rudy believes.

Recall that the head of KRAIL told about the positive aspects of the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.

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