Casinos in Las Vegas now offer cashless purchase of chips at the gaming table

Casinos in Las Vegas now offer cashless purchase of chips at the gaming table

In the gambling establishments of Las Vegas appeared the possibility of cashless payment for chips at the table. The service is still available in test mode at the Palms and Red Rock casinos. In the near future, it will also appear in gambling establishments Golden Gate, Strat and others.

The technology of buying chips at the tables is called Automated Cashless Systems (ACS) and is distributed in casinos under the PlayOn trademark. At the croupier at the gaming table appeared terminal, through which the visitor of the institution can buy more chips if necessary. The description specifies that the machine takes only debit cards. The main convenience of the new system is that the client does not have to interrupt the game to cash out or to buy chips in the casino.

Experts fear that the new technology could cause problems for casino visitors. The executive director of the National Council on Gambling Problems (NCPG) said that such innovations are only aimed at generating additional revenue for gambling establishments by keeping players at the table. He fears that this could exacerbate the problem of gambling addiction.

University of Memphis researcher James P. Willan said that time is needed to study new technologies and Automated Cashless Systems in particular. He also noted that operators should inform players of any technology that poses risks of additional losses and addiction formation for gamblers.

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