Casino will be built in Sibirskaya Moneta gambling zone for 3.5 billion rubles

Casino will be built in Sibirskaya Moneta gambling zone for 3.5 billion rubles

An entertainment complex with gambling for 3,5 billion rubles can appear in Altai Krai. The casino is planned to be built on the territory of “Sibirskaya Moneta” gambling zone.

The initiators of the project were top-managers of operating in the region casino Altai Palace Alexey Sakvarelidze and Anton Bykov, the construction has already approved by the authorities of the Altai Territory. Gambling establishment will be built in two stages. The first will be completed in 2021 – by this date will run a hall with 300 slot machines and 10 gambling tables.

At the second stage it is planned to build the hotel with the area of 10 thousand square meters under the license of one of the world’s major brands. Also there will be a recreational area and a new casino will be enlarged. Other details of the project are not disclosed.

The Siberian Coin Gaming Zone operates as part of a federal project to create special Russian territories for the organization of gambling. The Altai Palace casino opened there in 2014. It has 32 tables and 150 slot machines and a poker club.

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