By 2022 there will be a fifth gambling zone in Russia

By 2022 there will be a fifth gambling zone in Russia

The first casino on the southern coast of the Republic of Crimea will start operating as early as 2022, the head of the region, Sergey Aksenov, said. He explained that the necessary contracts for construction will be concluded by the end of 2019.

The head of the republic again confirmed that the new gambling zone will appear in the village of Katsiveli. He also said that the economic sanctions imposed on the region will not affect the development of the gambling zone.

“During November we should complete all procedures and the preparation of the site has already begun. Should do everything in two years. Investors will be able to make this gambling zone at the level of world standards, “- said Aksenov.

The law on the creation of the IRZ on the territory of Crimea was signed in 2014. Experts estimate that it will bring up to 25 billion rubles of tax revenues to the region. Now the authorities are working on the transfer of land to an investor who will build a casino.

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