Builders of Europe’s largest casino go on strike

Builders of Europe’s largest casino go on strike

According to the Cypriot trade union SEK, on November 11 the builders of the City of Dreams casino in Limassol did not show up for work. The construction of the largest gambling facility on the European continent has been suspended due to a strike on account of late payment of wages.

In an interview with the Cyprus Mail, a representative of the trade union organization Panikos Kadis, pointed out that the delay has lasted for several months. According to him, people are forced to take such measures because most of them have nothing to pay for housing and utilities.

The developer J&P Avax responded promptly to what is happening, promising to pay the debts by the end of the day.

It is worth recalling that a multifunctional casino resort – City of Dreams Mediterranean should start its work in 2021. On the implementation of this project is allocated about 500 million euros. According to preliminary calculations, after two years after the opening of the resort will generate about 700 million euros per year.

Recall that shares of gambling operators had a mixed reaction to the new Covid-19 vaccine.

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