Betsoft launched gamification tool Take the Prize

Betsoft launched gamification tool Take the Prize

Betsoft Gaming has expanded its product range by launching its first Take the Prize in-game tool. The provider’s fresh development involves the appearance of the Wheel of Fortune with cash prizes or bonuses in qualifying games during any tournament or promotion. The feature is activated without interrupting the session, being implemented directly into the mechanics of the slot.

The Take the Prize tool is available in any game from Betsoft Gaming’s extensive portfolio. Users have the ability to trigger their own prize spinning Wheel at any time.

Renata Banyar, Marketing Director at Betsoft Gaming, commented, “The main driving force behind the Take the Prize idea was to change the gameplay itself, filling it with new features. We really wanted to improve the connection between the developer and the user, improve the performance of the machines and provide customers with bigger winnings.”

She also added: “This is great news not only for the players, but also for all the operators who prefer our slots. They will receive full technical support and assistance in their efforts to increase customer engagement and retention. Take the Prize is truly the revolutionary tool that literally everyone has been waiting for.”

The Take the Prize option was developed as part of the Drive catalog expansion, a “toolkit” for the online casino content provider. Betsoft Gaming believes that the innovative feature will significantly improve the overall player experience.

The customizable tool also offers a number of interesting additional features. Among them are real-time notifications, instant rewards for certain actions and a “very inventive” user interface designed to maximize customer convenience.

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