As of November 5, all gambling establishments in England will close

As of November 5, all gambling establishments in England will close

From November 5, 2020, gambling establishments across England will be forced to close. The reason for this is a new package of restrictive measures signed by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In addition to casinos, betting shops, gambling halls and bingo halls fall under the document. Preliminarily the objects will close their doors until December 3. However, experts believe that this period will be extended.

In response to the new restrictions, the management of GVC Holdings issued a warning that the gambling business in England could lose up to 30% of its profits during this period.

Earlier, the British industry group Betting and Gaming Council urged the government not to force gambling establishments to close as part of the new anti-Covid-19 measures, saying it could lead to massive job losses in the industry.

Recall that Italy has completely shut down all casinos.

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