American wins $119,000 progressive jackpot at Pai Gow Poker

American wins $119,000 progressive jackpot at Pai Gow Poker

Another fan of Las Vegas gambling entertainment has become the owner of a big win. So, according to the hotel-casino The Orleans, which is owned by major gambling brand Boyd Gaming, a local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to try his luck at the poker table with a progressive jackpot.

He ended up writing his name in casino history as one of the “luckiest” visitors to ever become a customer at The Orleans Hotel. According to the press release, the American collected a straight flush with a seven-card joker. This luck allowed him to win a progressive jackpot at Pai Gow Poker of $119,663.03.

He was able to break the jackpot thanks to a bonus wager. His chances of winning a seven-card hand were next to nil, but his luck turned out to be in his favor on the day.

Earlier in the slot machine room of The Orleans casino an anonymous visitor decided to spin a machine called Wicked Winnings. As it turned out, he made an absolutely correct choice, because after several spins he became richer by 14,353 in U.S. local currency.

At the same time in the American capital of gambling entertainment fixes and much larger winnings. For example, a visitor to one of the most prestigious resorts in Las Vegas, The Venetian Resort, recently received $1,544,322 in the hotel’s chic casino.

It is reported that the citizen decided to test his fortune on the power of the legendary Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Making an initial bet of five dollars, he began spinning the reels. According to the administration of the institution, a few minutes later the gaming room was filled with victorious sounds, and the message about the jackpot appeared on the screen of the machine. This amount turned out to be one of the largest in the history of the Wheel of Fortune slot.

Recall, the classic slot machine brought the American almost $300,000 jackpot.

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