A reputable European casino sued Facebook for $20 million

A reputable European casino sued Facebook for $20 million

According to Czech News Agency, shareholders of Czech land-based casino King’s Casino want to collect about $20 million from Facebook corporation. The well-known businessman and owner of the operator Leon Zukernik intends to appeal to the court to compensate for the expenses that the illegal Facebook ads caused to his business.

In his petition, the businessman stated, “Some unidentified individuals, who cannot yet be identified, have begun using a proven name in this competitive industry and our successful business in their Facebook ads.”

It has been noted that since the spring, Facebook has been running regular ads urging platform users to make deposits to King’s Casino accounts. However, it is impossible to deposit to this institution, because the operator operates only in the offline sector. At the same time, due to the tense situation with the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, the operation of the facility was forced to be suspended.

According to Zukernik, he has repeatedly asked the Facebook administration to take action against the illegal advertising of his brand. However, none of the requests have been successful. In his opinion, such irresponsible work of the social network has caused great reputational losses for the brand. Moreover, the functionary suspects that Facebook may have profited financially from these ads.

Leon Zuckernik decided to change his approach to fighting illegal advertising of his main asset in the gambling industry. He appealed to the court in the city of Pilsen. In his lawsuit, the businessman asks for monetary damages and restoration of the operator’s reputation.

It is important to note that the social network Facebook generates the lion’s share of its income from advertising. In the last three months of last year, this line of work brought the company over $11 billion.

Recall that the budget of Ukraine received 32.4 million hryvnias from two operators of gambling business.

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