8 BetOnline online casino players split a jackpot of more than $365,000

8 BetOnline online casino players split a jackpot of more than $365,000

Another news of a big win in the gambling industry this time comes from the online casino BetOnline. According to the gambling entertainment operator, eight players from the platform shared a jackpot of $365,112. They were poker enthusiasts. Remarkably, only two of them got more than the others. The other six turned out to be spectators who watched the twists and turns of the contest between the two leaders.

It was possible to win the jackpot thanks to the so-called “bad beat” deal. It means that at the end of the game a particular player gets a certain advantage over his opponent.

It is reported that the user under the nickname “Acg1” had the combination of the “queen’s square”. In this hand, he had the highest chances for the final success. However, after the last card, his opponent “Renesantos” saw a combination called “straight flush” on the screen. Accordingly, the probability of his victory skyrocketed.

In the end, the second BetOnline online casino user received most of his total winnings – $195,000. The player with the nickname “Acg1” added $73,000 to his budget. Their six opponents, who watched the last hand in the spectators’ box, each received $7,600. As a reward for loyalty, the casino decided to reward 82 people for also watching the game in real time. They each received $530.

Earlier it was reported that an American woman purchased a SuperLotto Plus operator lottery ticket at a convenience store in Norwalk, a suburb of Los Angeles. It ended up winning the woman $26,000,000.

However, the winner could not prove her winnings because she had washed her coveted ticket in the laundry room. Security cameras did indeed see the woman in the store when she bought the lottery. But, according to the organizers, this evidence will not be enough to establish the true name of the lucky winner.

Recall, American casino operator Boyd Gaming paid out more than $30 million in jackpots in a month.

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